Here are some of my poems from over the years.


As I lay in velvet petals from crimson roses
a picture of your smile
glows in the dark
behind my closed black eyelids
as i remember
how your concentrated love
has made me feel.

you’ve wooed me, pursued me
and now you have me here
remembering the redness
you’ve brought to my gold skin
and how the warmth of your touch
throws magenta to my cheeks

but still, over time,
you turn me purple.

good times, bad times,
we knew both sides of the spectrum
fading out of ruby hues
into electric blues.
you could color all my tears
with the pigment of the skies,
tsunamis pouring out of my eyes

you love me? you say…
and still, you turn me purple.

you touch me gently
you push me roughly
how can the two shades exist?
and then my colors shift.
my love mixed with your hate:
what a palette it creates
and now the whole world knows,
behind Versace shades,
that someone loves me enough
to paint my face with streaks of violet.

now as I lay here in the softness
of this petaled bed,
dripping salt water on an opened letter
that reminds me how much
my apologetic man loves me…

you still
turn me


This “relationship”,
this twisted situation shit,
is more and more becoming like a revolving door
As we walk in and out of each other’s lives,
it’s no surprise that neither of us knows who wants more
Stuck between these wings,
looking through this glass
Staring at each other as we travel through our past,
dancing in circles as we try to compass our future
but the present has us spinning too fast.
‘Round and ’round we go
so close yet so far
chasing each other in counter-clockwise motion
we spin infinitely, always a glass door apart
while one is coming, the other one is going
this cyclical imbalance will never end
until one of us walks in and breaks the trend
but no one wants to be left behind,
and no one wants to wait in vain
so we continue on this melancholy-go-round,
both body and brain are left drained
and my heart can’t keep being bent out of shape
from skating in these painful figure eights
let’s get this straight
and stop going
in circles.

Alchemy Dream

I liked you for who I thought you were,
And stuck around for who I hoped you would become.
You were great in so many ways…
and then I met the real version of you.
Your aureate glow was a pristine mirage
but what seemed to be shining dawns
was merely a fiery night’s facade.
I could try in vain to make you pure,
to fabricate truth out of the obscure
but I’d be falsely following your yellow brick road
and as hard as I’ve tried, I can’t turn lead into gold

Hoping that you’d change was a bit extreme…
shame on me and my alchemy dream.

Are you gilded in gold, with brass in the middle,
or just glistening pyrite tricking my eyesight?
making a fool of me and my judgment,
all helium deflated and gravity restored
since space-traveling with you
has become a dream deferred
and your brilliant luster has long faded.
You gave me 79 reasons to believe you
but I was left with 1 main reason to leave you:
you’re all that glitters…but you aren’t gold
and I’m done looking for the philosopher’s stone.

Can’t alter a man’s well-stitched seam…
I’m cutting you out of my alchemy dream.

I thought my highly concentrated love
was enough to remove all your impurities
but no emerald formula could perfect your flaws,
and no Midas touch could work that kind of magic.
I can’t change who you are just to fit my needs,
but I also can’t put up with your bad habits.
The Jordan River only leads to the Dead Sea…
I need a drink from the Nile to rejuvenate me
I’m worth all of Egypt…you were just dead weight
You could never be the delta I deserve
when you had no business stepping foot on my oasis

I can’t turn saltwater into a fresh stream…
I face the truth as I rise from my alchemy dream.


You froze after she broke your mold
Her stinging words turned you so cold
She didn’t know what it was like to love a man like you
…forgive her
She never understood the warmth within her
She saw smoke and heeded fire;
Does that make her a sinner?
She only ran for cover,
her fear planted from another
Just because she’s flawed doesn’t mean that you can’t love her
Now you need some space, so get some breathing room
Give yourself a chance to Thaw
because Time Heals All Wounds

You’re a beautiful tragedy
But she sees through your strategy
Hiding a flame inside an ice sculpture
A block too thick for her chiseled hands to puncture
She comes around you
And suddenly it snows
She whispers in your ear and icicles grow
There’s nothing she can say that could melt your diamond shield
she still hopes that you’ll yield but not a moment too soon…
She gives you a chance to Thaw
because Time Heals All Wounds

Years go by, your skin still slightly frosted
You remember her warm glow
And how she suddenly lost it
You cross her path again,
And she presses her lips to yours,
Your frostbitten tongue turning into rosy flesh
And you both rekindle a flame
that time simply needed to test
You learned that even arctic tundra can produce love’s sweetest blooms
Because you took the time to Thaw
and found that Time Heals All Wounds.

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No ecstasy or opium, my veins do not have dope in them
To find what has me so high strung: my lungs, you’d have to open them
You kiss my lips, you stroke my neck and I can only hope what’s next
You must have had some potion sent to make your kiss a potent blend

You have me dipped in heavy cream, too gladly stripped from every seam
You touch me in this meddled dream; my blood ripples like pebbled streams
My heart thumps with unsteady beats, hot underneath these heavy sheets
I try to count so many sheep and still you just won’t let me sleep

These shooting stars keep whizzing by, my voice turns into whispered sighs
Sweet dreams float by as missiles fly through broken glass from crystal skies
While diamond knives from blizzards try to wake me from my dizzy high,
I ride jet streams that dip and rise and have wet dreams with glistening eyes

I’m floating as I breathe you in, your golden air is premium
I rise in my delirium, so high off your sweet helium

I never knew your aura is so infinite, so bottomless
Not even Kirk or Spock would miss a chance to fly this rocket ship
You find just one free spot to kiss and send my soul to cosmic bliss
I don’t want you to stop, but shit…your touch is my apocalypse

I cruise when you are having me and lose all sense of gravity
If only we moved faster, we could live in immortality
As we explore new galaxies, we set our anti-matter free
It feels so right, it has to be…but just how real can Saturn be?

I’m putting up a dreary fight; even dull stars can seem so bright
You’re great, but see I fear this might just be another steamy night
Since chasing you must feel just like I’m racing ‘gainst the speed of light
And catching up would be so nice but that would be too easy, right?

I’m hoping that you’ll be the one, and one day I might be your sun…
I rise in my delirium, still high off your sweet helium