Here are some of my poems from over the years.

Hey Bright Soul

Hey, bright soul…yes, you who glows
You with the warm smile and youthful pose
You’re rare and fierce and beautiful
But seems you’ve forgotten; you used to know

Some men may find you a bit too strong
Like unsweetened coffee that’s sipped too long
But if he needs sugar just to tame his tongue
Then you know he’s too weak to brave your storm

Loving you is never an acquired taste
Embracing who you are is a required trait
You should be his choice, not in a line or race
When you put yourself first, you’ll always find your place

He’s the type to come and go, to seek a hiding space
And then come crawling back with a smiling face
So don’t let him slow you down with his tired pace
Just leave him behind; there’s no time to waste

Some men can’t see well, and the worst are blind
So only talk to ones who are worth your time
And don’t dim your light so that he can shine
Because if he’s just right, then he’ll do fine

A real man won’t squint when he meets your gaze
If he wants your luminescence, then he will stay
When staring at you, he won’t bleach or fade
He’ll soak up your rays and never seek the shade

I know you don’t feel valued, I know it hurts
Sometimes love can feel like a hopeless search
But you need strong seeds before you grow the earth
So please don’t forget to know your worth

I know you think you miss the love you felt
But he was just a high, just a drug he dealt
I know I’ve said a lot but if nothing else,
Remember most of all to love yourself

So hey, bright soul…yes, you who glows
You with the warm smile and youthful pose
You’re rare and fierce and beautiful
It’s easy to forget…but now you should know.

Audio version:


For someone who wants no strings attached,
You sure have your strings around me
Like your spider web of silky tricks,
Your strong tentacles surround me
And your 1000-thread count cotton sheets,
With me wrapped in your arms
All this time I thought it was a safety net,
Never thought you’d cause me harm
Why the mind games? Don’t act like a tease
This isn’t love…it’s a lasso
You’re just playing catch and release

You act as if you want me, then disappear
Stick around just long enough to keep me near
But as soon as I break myself free
You throw that fishing hook at me
Wonder how long you’ll keep me on the line
Before you decide to throw me back in
How long will it take me to realize
I’m just a puppet on that string
You know this is torture, just let me go, please…
This isn’t love…it’s a lasso
You’re just playing catch and release

But can’t put all the blame on you
I’m the one falling for your bait
Those sugar-sweet nothings that give me head rushes,
Those strong hands around my waist
You’ve got me in your crosshairs,
A reticle made just for me
How long will you hold my heart hostage?
Why won’t you just let me be?
I’m not a game you can play, not a pet on your leash
This isn’t love…it’s a lasso
You’re just playing catch and release

Audio version:

Soul Swim

You say I move like water…let me swim in your soul
I want to dive right into you and see how deep you go
My movements are like melodies, the way I ebb and flow
There’s moonlight in my energy, a never-ending glow

You’re like a quiet storm, a river running deep
Calm on the surface but such quiver underneath
You’re a man of the sea with depths so hard to reach
I want to sail your ocean but you’ve kept me on the beach

There’s music in your heart, my hips dance to its beat
Our energy is kindred, we don’t even have to speak
You have basslines in your pulse, I have poems in my palms
So why sit alone in silence when my lyrics match your songs?

I know you want to let me in, so let’s just take it slow
Don’t stop what happens naturally, just try to let it flow
You can only stay afloat when you learn to lose control
You say I move like water…let me swim in your soul

The Color Of Your Eyes

You’ve never taken me to dinner
But you know how I taste
You can name all of my flavors
From my mouth down to my waist
I know the satin of your skin
And the strength of your thighs
But one thing I don’t know
Is the color of your eyes

Are they golden like your skin
Or brown like the earth?
Maybe green like summer leaves
Or gray like sullen clouds
Won’t you let me see them
For all their depth and glow,
Or will you keep them in the dark
So that I’ll never know?

Do you fear my own deep eyes,
Do you think they are black holes?
Are you afraid you’ll fall too deeply,
Scared of what I’ll come to know?
You won’t let my light fulfill you
To see those pupils grow
Wish they could dilate long enough
For me to peek into your soul

I know your every touch and kiss,
Each moan, sigh, and tremble
You know my every peak,
Have mastered my deep river.
You show me all your strength
But won’t let me see you weak
I find you only in the dark
But it’s your light that I seek

I knew you favored darkness,
It’s your favorite work of art
But I’ve hoped to change the canvas
To see what’s in your heart
I could fill your life with brightness
If you’d bring us past night skies
And let the sunrise show me
The color of your eyes.

Kingdom Come

Your warm tongue feels like Sahara winds
whispering across the sand dunes of my skin,
leaving streaks of gold along my curves
gilding my body with your silent words.
Your soft mouth traces a path to my oasis,
where water flows deep in a calm fury,
a quiet storm
for a king to rule.

I can tell that you’re royalty
from every inch
of your highness…
Gods must be made in your likeness.
You’re a perfectly chiseled monolith,
from the grooves of your abs
to your obelisk
Your hands want to know how my pyramids were made
My land is holy ground, but I’ll be your slave
You crave my Nile, so deep and narrow
I’ll be your Egypt
if you’ll be
my Pharaoh

I taste the midnight of your skin,
dark and smooth, obsidian
My lips drizzle rain across your terrain
leaving constellations on your frame
I can see every star twinkle in Orion
as your sun rises above my horizon
The moon is full, your tide grows high,
your passion is near its peak
as your silver waters wait to breach
the shores
of your black sand beach.

The only crown you need is between my hips
A diamond mine with velvet lips,
come feel how well it fits.
Can’t wait to wrap my legs around you
and sit on your throne
hear each royal sigh, every regal moan
as I wait for you to reign
all over my body
as you become your majesty,
king of the Ashanti
Because only a queen can make your river run
Our souls immortalized
as I feel
your kingdom come.