The Color Of Your Eyes

You’ve never taken me to dinner But you know how I taste You can name all of my flavors From my mouth down to my waist I know the satin of your skin And the strength of your thighs But one thing I don’t know Is the color of your eyes


The sun rose with a vengeance this morning, stretching her fire into the blueness of the night until no trace of darkness was left. Her magnificent rise was a reminder that I had left him two cold nights ago, had taken the first flight home, running away from the sun the entire way back, trying to catch up with the hemisphere I'd left behind for too long. Life was waiting for me to return to reality. I left love behind on the top of the hill where I'd left him, surrounded by the chill of silence and an air heavy with loss and confusion.

Kingdom Come

Your warm tongue feels like Sahara winds whispering across the sand dunes of my skin, leaving streaks of gold along my curves gilding my body with your silent words. Your soft mouth traces a path to my oasis, where water...


His love seemed pure like streams of light straining her pupils, so clean and white Pristine, serene like a dawn sunbeam but nothing so perfect can be what it seems His light made a long journey, passing through time conquering...


I could twist and fold my edges into perfect little creases Morph into a paper swan, make one page look like a million pieces but somehow you’d still see me for my pure simplicity I could shift into a crane...