Game Theory: An Analysis Of KAMI 2

A few days ago while browsing Apple's AppStore, I came across a new game that has raving reviews. It is called KAMI 2, and for a puzzle lover like myself, I was thrilled to find a new game to love. The visual design is beautiful (the designer in me is proud of whoever created it) and the animations are equally stunning. Some of the interactions of the app are a bit annoying (mainly navigation issues), but overall, the app is very well done and I immediately got hooked on the concept and gameplay.

Introduction to Game Theory: An Analysis of My iPhone Game

Enter MentalBlocker: my first game app and second iPhone app to be published on the App Store (my first is YumTum, a recipe manager). It was a game concept that I came up with two years ago, but this summer, I finally felt equipped with the right tools and knowledge to design and develop the game. The motivation behind the game is simple: to create a game that challenges a player's memory and problem-solving skills. The game has four modes, all of which have two things in common: a grid of tiles and blocks.