Interactive Storytelling with Twine

This is my last quarter at Stanford before I graduate, which is a bittersweet experience for me. I am taking my last two classes before getting my MSCS degree, so it was important to me that I take classes that I would immensely enjoy and learn from. In addition to CS155, I'm also taking CS377G: Designing Serious Games. This class deep dives into what it means to create compelling games that captivate and enrich the lives of their players. It has been a whirlwind of a class in the very best of ways, and for my second class project, I had an opportunity to combine all three of my loves: writing, designing, and developing! The premise of the game is to use interactive fiction to drive the narration of a story by giving the player choices that influence the outcome of the game. Game layouts can range from all text to a mix of text, sound, images, and other media to create a "choose your own adventure"-flavored experience. I like to think of the platform as a digital version of the Goosebump books that I used to read as a teenager.

Sankofa Love

She had a smile like the sunrise,
Bright and ever-rising
Wide as the horizon,
A light so mesmerizing
Its warm rays flowing up the peaks of her cheeks,
Traveling to the depth of her brows
Then descending into the coast of her eyes:
A heart-shaped path
To where her smile was most alive...

Hey Bright Soul

Hey, bright soul...yes, you who glows
You with the warm smile and youthful pose
You're rare and fierce and beautiful
But seems you've forgotten; you used to know

Some men may find you a bit too strong
Like unsweetened coffee that's sipped too long
But if he needs sugar just to tame his tongue
Then you know he's too weak to brave your storm...


For someone who wants no strings attached,
You sure have your strings around me
Like your spider web of silky tricks,
Your strong tentacles surround me
And your 1000-thread count cotton sheets,
With me wrapped in your arms
All this time I thought it was a safety net,
Never thought you'd cause me harm
Why the mind games? Don't act like a tease
This isn't's a lasso
You're just playing catch and release

Soul Swim

You say I move like water…let me swim in your soul
I want to dive right into you and see how deep you go
My movements are like melodies, the way I ebb and flow
There’s moonlight in my energy, a never-ending glow