"Perfection must be reached by degrees; she requires the slow hand of time." — attributed to Voltaire

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On this site, you will find all kinds of creative outlets, with topics including poetry, travel, design, and development. I like to think of my site as a diverse representation of me as I strive to master self-understanding. I started this website in 2005 and it continues to be a source of expression for me as I design, write, cook, and code my way through life. I hope you enjoy the journey!

Thank you so much for being here, and please sign my guestbook or send me a message if you are inspired by this site in any way.

Soul Swim

You say I move like water…let me swim in your soul I want to dive right into you and see how deep you go My movements are like melodies, the way I ebb and flow There’s moonlight in my energy,...